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Customer Focus

Power of Fertility

Customer Focus

The most important job of a cow is to reproduce.

Town Creek Farm understands the economic value of fertility to commercial cattlemen. In today's operating environment, high percentage calf crops are essential to cow-calf operator's profitability. Although we hear lots of conversation about growth and carcass traits, reproductive efficiency brings cattlemen the greatest financial rewards. In terms of lost opportunity, it's impossible to wean a 650 pound calf from a cow who didn't conceive. Fertility equals longevity.

Town Creek Farm considers fertility as the highest valued trait to improving our customer's bottom-line. Here's our five-step practical management approach to measuring and improving reproductive efficiency. One, we breed yearling heifers (selection for early puberty). Two, nutritional management of the cow herd emphasing year-round forage availability. Three, proactive prevention of reproductive diseases. Four, breeding soundness of bulls.

Finally, continued improvement of genetic selection and genetic improvement through culling.

Proactive Commitment to our Customers

Whole Herd Johnes Testing. Town Creek Farm has proactively Johnes serum- and fecal-tested their cow herd annually for nearly a decade. They believe it just makes good sense to proactively participate in a Johnes disease prevention and testing program. In addition, sale bulls are tested giving Town Creek Farm customers confidence that their Johnes-free bulls are backed by a Johnes-free cow herd.

Trichomoniasis Testing and Prevention. Every Town Creek Farm sale bull is Trichomoniasis tested 30 days prior to sale day. Trich testing is our proactive, common-sense strategy to ensuring that customer concerns are always first.

BVD-PI Testing. Town Creek engages in a comprehensive approach to maintaining a BVDPI-free herd using biosecurity and testing. We deem this approach as a responsible action to providing our customers added peace of mind.

Bull power is one of the most significant investments cattlemen make. Town Creek Farm's proactive commitment to ensuring customers of healthy, problem-free bulls exceeds most seed stock providers.